Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome to Raising My Little One!

My name is Laura (aka Minnesota Mommy). I am a graphic designer, turned elementary computer teacher, turned stay at home mom. I am married to a wonderful man (aka Hubs) who brings light to my day and encourages my creativity and crazy ideas.

In autumn 2010, Hubs and I became the proud parents of a precious son, our Little P. 

Beginning the process of parenthood and raising Little P has been the most exciting, terrifying, rewarding, frustrating, and precious thing I've ever done. One day, with stunning clarity, I realized that in giving us Little P, God had blessed us with a little piece of eternity and it was up to us to raise him, encourage him, and shape him into the little boy (and eventually man) that God created him to be! What a mind-blowing task!

As we raise Little P, we want to: 
  • Nurture his Heart
  • Encourage his Creativity
  • Instill a love of Learning
  • Foster his Sense of Adventure
  • Nourish his Body

 This blog is dedicated to that journey.