Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Discovery Bins

Little P turns 10 months old this week. Sigh. He's growing so fast! Too fast! Lately, he has had a love for smaller objects that he can comfortably hold in each hand. Or, if he can get more than one item in each hand, all the better. I have discovered that he loves groups of items given to him in little containers. He can dump all the items out, play with them in a big group, play with individual pieces, etc. Here are some of the mini-discovery bins that I rotate out on the living room floor for him to "discover" each week:
Here are the contents of some of his bins...

a:: A rubber silicone ice cube tray holds individual links (he doesn't put them in the tray yet, that's mommy's job. Little P Just takes them out and throws them)

b:: Clothes pins (he loves chewing on wood) and chip clips

c:: Assorted spoons (measuring spoons, table spoons, baby spoons, etc)

d:: Baby jar lids (he LOVES these. He tries to get as many as he can into one little fist. So far his record is 4)

e:: Ribbons!

Here's Little P during some of his Discovery Bin moments

And I don't know about you, but Minnesota was hit hard with this horrible hot weather. Unthinkable temperatures are keeping us inside like it's the middle of winter. Hence, our latest discovery bin - Ice!

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